Kinderen van Nora

Kinderen van Nora

How great is it, to slam the door behind you after a big fight? When Henrik Ibsen’s play Nora (A doll’s house) premiered in 1879, it was precisely this act that became the most famous final scene in stage literature. It meant the end of the relationship. However, it was ended by the woman, Nora, something that was absolutely unthinkable at the time. What did this choice do to her children? The iconic fight from Nora is (finally) being continued!

After Henrik Ibsen
Direction and text Robert Icke
Set Hildegard Bechtler
Dramaturgy Peter van Kraaij, Maria Luttikhuis
Light design Tom Visser
Sound design Paul Arditti
Costume design Wojciech Dziedzic
Costume design assistant Chiara Amaltea Ciarelli

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